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Miners & Pisani, Inc. is a distributor of measurement and control products for natural gas, propane and water. Founded in 1976, M&P provides over 40 years of industry experience, ranging from project design, consultation, equipment installation and troubleshooting. In addition to offering a broad range of products and technical assistance, M&P also offers gas meter repair service in California.

Our Products include gas meters, gas pressure regulators, meter pulsers, pressure and temperature correctors, electronic flow computers, gas filters, earthquake / seismic shutoff valves, and water meters. Since most of the products we offer are stocked in our Hayward, California facility, most orders are shipped on the same day they are placed.

Our Product Lines include Elster American Meter Company, GE Dresser Roots Meters & Instruments, FilterFab, KEP-Kessler Ellis, Koso / Pacific Seismic Products, Maxitrol, Honeywell Mercury Instruments, Neptune, Pietro Fiorentini and Riotronics.

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