Elster American Meter is a leader in the measurement and control of natural gas. For over 160 years, Elster American Meter has had a history of design innovation. Now, as a member of the global Elster Group, Elster American Meter continues to pave the way for advancement in the gas industry.


Elster American Meter manufactures a comprehensive line of gas meters with models to meet applications for domestic service to large industrial uses. In addition to being the industry's leading supplier of diaphragm meters, Elster American Meter also produces a full line of rotary and turbine gas meters.



Nominal Capacity: 250 SCFH

Max Inlet Pressure: 5 psi or 10 psi

Connection Size: 3/4", 1"

Top Connections



Nominal Capacity: 250 SCFH

Max Inlet Pressure: 5 psi

Connection Size: 3/4"

Side Connections



Nominal Capacity: 425 SCFH

Max Inlet Pressure: 10 psi or 25 psi

Connection Size: 1-1/4"



Nominal Capacity: 630 SCFH

Max Inlet Pressure: 25 psi

Connection Size: 1-1/4"




Nominal Capacity: 800 / 1000 SCFH

Max Inlet Pressure: AL-800: 20 psi or 100 psi

AL-1000: 25 psi or 100 psi

Connection Size: 1-1/2"



Remanufactured meters

RABO Rotary Meter



Nominal Capacity: 3500 SCFH - 14,000 SCFH

Maximum Inlet Pressure: 290 psi

Sizes: 2"-4" Flanged

GTS & GTX Turbine Meters


Nominal Capacity: 10,000 SCFH - 150,000 SCFH

Maximum Inlet Pressure: From 175 psi to 1440 psi

Sizes: 3", 4", 6", 8", 12" Flanged




BK-G4 Meters


Nominal Capacity: 200 SCFH

Maximum Inlet Pressure: 5 psi

Sizes: 1"

(Not type approved by Ca Dept of Wts & Measures

for custody transfer applications)