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For more than a century, Badger Meter has been a leader in innovative metering technology. They offer a comprehensive water meter product line for residential, commercial and industrial applications. All of their meters are regulation compliant and are available in a range of metering technologies, materials, and sizes. Badger Meter recommends a horizontal installation for the Recordall family of meters.

Recordall Disc Meters


High accuracy positive displacement meter

available with direct read or optional digital output registers.


Available Sizes:

5/8 x 3/4"

3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2"

RTR Transmitter Register (pulser)

Meter Installation Instructions

Recordall Turbo Meters


AWWA Class II Turbine Meters

Available sizes: 1-1/2 - 12"

Recordall Compound Meters


Two metering technologies in one innovative package.

Available Sizes: 2" - 6"