Maxitrol company manufactures appliance regulators designed to meet a range of low pressure applications from gas pilots to boilers and generators.

325 Series                2 PSIG

                                5 PSIG


Maxitrol's 325 Series regulators are for 2 psi and 5 psi piping systems. Models available for appliance main burner or pilot applications and as line pressure regulators.

210 Series


210 Series regulators are designed for gas fired boilers, steam generators, industrial furnaces, and ovens. Remote sensing option available on 210D, E, and G models (consult Maxitrol).

RV Series


Maxitrol's original straight-thru-flow design regulators are main burner only, non-lockup type. Typical applications include residential, commercial, and industrial gas-fired appliances and equipment used on low pressure gas supply.